The information listed below is used for the purposes of getting help with the website.

  Help Information  

Searching Courses
While on the home page you will see multiple boxes within the Class Search Inputbox.  Inside these boxes you will find search boxes and drop down lists to help you with your search.  When you locate the course you wish to register for, you will click the title of the course which will take you to a screen where you can register.

In the Class Search Resultbox, you will see a list of programs we offer.  When you locate the course you wish to register for, click on the OPEN link under the Action column next to the location you have chosen. If you are eligible to register for this course you will see a register button at the bottom of the form. If you are eligible and the course is full or you have already registered for another course with the same course code then you may see a Wait List button which will place you on the waiting list for that course.